Faculty Advisor: Dr. Louis D. Marino

The mission of the entrepreneurship focus area in the Management Major is to equip students with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to identify and evaluate opportunities and then to capitalize on these opportunities by innovating within existing firms or founding new ventures. Students in this focus area will work closely with faculty and experienced entrepreneurs to gain hands-on experience in key activities necessary to build sound business models and acquire critical resources as they innovate and create profitable enterprises. Above all, this focus is for those special students who wish to be leaders and have a passion for starting something.

Healthcare Analytics

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Marilyn V. Whitman

The Healthcare Analytics specialization provides undergraduate students with the skills to meet the complex needs of healthcare organizations.  Students in the Healthcare Analytics specialization learn how to harness data, process the data, and produce evidence-based decisions. The daunting challenges confronting healthcare organizations today will require smarter, more informed decisions driven by data to improve outcomes, and offer the value that market dynamics, governmental regulations, and consumers’ demand. The eight-course sequence aims to develop analytics competencies in our students to prepare them for entry-level analyst positions in a variety of healthcare settings.

Human Resource Management

Faculty Advisor: Dr. James E. King

The human resource management specialization develops student skills for the effective management of human resources in organizations.  The six-course curriculum trains students to strategically address human resource issues to improve organizational performance. The curriculum is aligned with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) curriculum guidelines and prepares students to pass the SHRM Assurance of Learning certification exam.

Check out the Human Resources Institute website.

Management Communication

Faculty Advisor: Jef Naidoo

The courses in this specialization help students manage what they communicate as young professionals.  They improve the impression they make when communicating orally and visually.  They exercise their emotional intelligence to gain acceptance as leaders when communicating interpersonally. They gain professional experience by managing a client project and refining their interpersonal, oral, visual, and written communication skills. Students get hands-on, in-class practice with individual mentoring in all three courses.

New Venture Creation

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Louis D. Marino

The New Venture Creation specialization provides students with a strong foundation in the skills needed to create, develop and operate a new business venture.  Students will work closely with industry-experienced lecturers and faculty throughout their coursework to provide a real-world perspective to their degree and career choices.  Courses focus on opportunity recognition, creativity and innovation and growth processes to help students realize their goal of creating a new venture.